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Candid Photoshoot – The Indian traditional wedding is full of colors and rituals which give us an opportunity to capture the amazing actions when the rituals takes place. The bright yellow of Haldi & dark green mehndi indulge in your pure and candid emotions results in the shots that will be in your memories for a long time to come.

Motion Film – Gone are the days, when people use to watch lengthy Videos of all the rituals which took place during the wedding. Our professional Cinematographers equipped with the latest DSLR’s, slider, drones captures all the important actions going around. The real magic starts with the post production who works to give it cinematography style.


As a part of package, we provides:


  • Wedding Teaser of 2 minutes which will give you and your relatives a deep urge to watch the complete story

  • Motion Story of 10-15 minutes which will have all rituals & emotions beautifully crafted to make you mesmerize and filled with emotions every time you watch it

  • Complete Video Shoot which includes all the rituals covered during the wedding

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