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About Us

“Lensomaniya Photography” have a rich heritage of 2 generations in photography, all we have done with this new venture is to bring an amalgamation of rich experience with the new age creativity & thought process.


We understand the value of Wedding and other special occasions holds in a person’s life and the many lives it touches, thus we put all our efforts to create stories that touch your heart, makes your day whenever you came across them, stories that make your hearts warm up.

We have a rich experience in Commercial, Advertising & Product photography and seen how our work help clients to showcase their products, services to the world. Our team, with the help of professional curators build a story around your brand so that it catches eyeballs more than ever.

We at Lensomaniya Photography is committed to capture and preserve the most beautiful of your emotions and do our bit in building your brand


Lensomaniya Photography started off as an expression of my inclination towards photography and deep desire to re-invent the half century old legacy of my family to meet the expectations of new age generation.

Academically, I am a Chartered Financial Analyst and worked with a Global Investment Bank for 5+ years which includes several projects in USA, but my fascination for cameras, film roles, soft boxes, well I must say, each and everything associated with Photography had pushed me to take photography as a profession,

I always cherished the time spent with my father during his in-studio photo shoots & dark room work for developing & printing Black & white photographs.

Nikhil Joshi